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High-power laser welding in Poland
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Jun 17, 2011

Katowice, Poland – Energoinstal SA, a manufacturer and installer of boilers and equipment for industrial and professional power, is a major user of high-power CO2 laser systems for welding. As the only such company in the Polish market, it can provide comprehensive design, manufacture, assembly, and repair of boilers.

The company has branches in Germany, the Netherlands, as well as offices in Austria, France, Spain, and Hungary. It operates in the power industry with business focused on three complementary areas: production, installation, and service. The company has a reputable position in the European Union due to long-term cooperation with a German partner, Standardkessel, a European boiler manufacturer

Energoinstal has extensive experience in implementing large projects in the power industry. The company also produces burners according to its own patents. Previous experience enables the company to offer complete implementation of gas and steam power units with superior parameters, as the general contractor.

They launched a Centre of lnnovative Laser Technologies – with an investment of $11.8 million - as an example of how the company invests in the future. Research on the use of laser welding techniques for the production of hybrid welded sheet pile walls and finned tubes on an industrial scale was completed, and production was commenced. Energoinstal was reportedly the first manufacturer in the world to do this. The application of new methods of production has increased performance six fold.

The Centre of lnnovative Laser Technologies is equipped with three of the latest generation of TRUMPF CO2 lasers with output power of 8 kW to 12 kW. The welding process runs at a speed of more than 4 m/min.

The company holds numerous patents. With respect to laser technology applications, Energoinstal reported seven applications for patent protection in Poland and two applications to obtain international patents.

With 700 people employed at Energoinstal, personnel play an important role in the company. In this large manufacturing company, 38% of the personnel have a higher or secondary education. More than 300 people are employed on building sites abroad. Almost 1400 people are employed in the whole group. The company has a highly skilled group of specialists with experience in the field of engineering supervision. The company invests in the personnel, for example, dozens of people annually improve their qualifications during specialist training. Employees refine their skills during: basic and intermediate welding classes, language courses and vocational training.

Another dozen or so engineers have recently acquired the certification of International Welding Engineer. The prestige of the welder’s profession is strengthened by a series of competitions. High awards and recognition for above standard welds and recognized professional ranking create motivation for further development.

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